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…distracted lives and loving Jesus.

Life matters to me. Therefore, I hurt at the loss of it, for the most part, regardless of the color of the victim or the perpetrator. It does sting though, when a black life is lost.

People are outraged. It would seem that it hurts them more when a white person takes a black life. Are they in love with him? Are they feeling ever more rejected by their lover?

You sat glued to the TV waiting for an “I love you.” He’s never loved you. Why would it change now? The closest he’s ever got to saying it is through the Jesus he gave you.

It’s still about Master. We are afraid and shocked that master doesn’t love us.

We are obsessed with him.

Let’s say I believed in conspiracies. And let’s say the conspiracy was to decrease the population of the black race. So, apparently, many believe it is being done by white police officers killing black teens in the street. So, we are glued to our screens for months. Facebook timelines are filled with protests and appeals to peace. #Blacklivesmatter is everywhere.

Meanwhile, over 100 black people have been killed in St. Louis in 10 months at the hands of other black people. We heard a peep about it. Many more have been and are being killed in Chicago. It’s old news.

Do the math.

So, if the goal is to get rid of blacks, what’s the real strategy? To distract you and make you mad so that we don’t fix what’s rampant and urgent in our own communities. We’d rather keep looking to Him to do what’s right by us. We are still looking for Jesus in the White man. We are still obsessed with white people, no matter how we think we feel about them. Folks don’t believe black lives matter. They believe white killings matter. That’s why not a peep about St. Louis and Chicago, Dallas, and Memphis. How easily you have been manipulated, yet again black people.



Don’t revisit your limiting religious beliefs that were given by white slavemasters.

Don’t revisit the ways in which you talk to, communicate with, and discipline your children, largely a lingering vestige of slavery.

Don’t revisit the way that you eat and what it is doing to your body, the influence of slave poverty.

Don’t do anything about the poor schools in your area.

Don’t change the music you listen to and allow your child to listen to.

Don’t change the types of shows and movies you watch and allow your kids to watch.

Don’t accept fully those with alternative sexualities.

Don’t save and invest in your community.

Just…be mad. That’ll do it. After all, our anger has worked these past 4oo years splendidly, right? RIGHT?

And for all those who encourage some mass violence…

White American population: 62%

Black American population: 13%

They also own every industry, the military, obviously the police force, all commerce. So, good luck with that.

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