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Irony…A Stream of Consciousness

Black people complain about what white people did and are doing.

Black person suggests ways to improve our lot, black people become apologists for black behavior and negative choices.

Once again, I’m convinced that people are more obsessed with white oppression than concerned with black progression.

Growth is painful, in body and mind.

The solutions won’t be pretty. They will require truth. When truth comes, don’t defend the pathology or point out that others have the pathology. Just deal with the pathology.

We can’t salve the wound if we keep denying that we have a wound.

Our history did something to us. Not just physically. Not just geographically. But mentally. And emotionally. When this is pointed out, stop saying “White people do that too!” That’s avoiding the issue.

How does saying “White people kill white people” solve the problem of black people killing black people.

Chicago. St. Louis.

The new white power movement is the new black power movement.

And the problem is psychic pain. We are obsessed with it.

And it leads our every action. We can’t think straight because of it.


Those who see the clearest are those who have been lucky enough to have missed great pain, shrewd enough to have walked around it, or reflective enough to have forgiven it.

Healed scars don’t hurt.

We need healing.

You don’t solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created the problem.

The answer is spiritual.



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