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New Rear’s Yesolution!

2013 is gone. Let’s not even talk about him anymore.

BYE, Felicia.

A whole new year looms, full of possibilities or disappointments and maybe even an unwanted pregnancy. Who knows? Exceptin’ you. I know, every New Year self-appointed social media pundits make fun of the people who make New Year Resolutions. Ya know, the way successful corporations, educational institutions, and the government make projections and goals for what they want to attain for the 4 quarters of the next year. Ignorant, right?  But, c’mon, some of those memes are funny. Ha-have you seen the one with pic of the empty gym on Dec.31st and the full gym on January 1st? ZING!



No but seriously, I think we’ve all made a resolution or five and forgot about them pretty early into a new year. And the numbers seem pretty dismal. According to a 2012 poll that you can Google ya lazy bums my friends, about 8% of people followed through with their New Year Resolutions. Waah. But there is hope. That same study says that people who make resolutions are still 10 times more likely to follow through with them than those who do not.

But let’s reframe this. Let’s call them goals. Because making goals tends to fail just as much work.

In 1979, there was a study done with students enrolled in Harvard Business School’s MBA program. The students were asked,

“Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?”

Three percent of the graduates had written goals, 13 percent had goals that weren’t in writing, and surprisingly, 84 percent had no specific goals at all.

After ten years, the same group was interviewed and these were the results: The 13 percent of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all. The KICKER: the three percent who had clear, written goals were earning about TEN TIMES AS MUCH as the other 97 percent combined! Now I know my generation (X or Y or B2K, or…I don’t know) is more about meaning than money *cough*, but the principle remains. There is something about writing plans down that makes you more accountable to those plans.

So this year, defy armchair social media critics and your own habituated thinking. Make goals for 2014 and tell someone you trust, like an annoying friend accountability partner. Simply make sure your goals are:

1.    Written

2.    Reasonable

3.    Specific

4.    Measurable

EXAMPLE: I will join Planet Fitness gym and go five 3 times a week to meet someone with a nice body exercise.

I want 2014 to feel like what this guy looks like...AMIRITE?

I want 2014 to feel like what this guy looks like…AMIRITE?

Good luck. You can do it. May the force be with you. You da man. You’re every woman. May the moon rest on top of yo head and the stars shine their light on the sea of possibilities through yo eyes of hope and change……and other clichata.


Seacrest, OWT!

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